Everyone knows the importance of planning for retirement as well as for the unexpected, but as a business owner you also have other things to consider. Do you have a succession plan for your business? What would happen if tragedy struck a key member of your team?

OnePlace For Business offers individual wealth and estate planning products designed specifically with business owners in mind. Our advisors can help you protect your business, your family and your lifestyle with insurance solutions customized to where you are in life and unique to your professional needs.


Features and Options

Achieve your financial goals and ensure your business has a secure transition plan for the future.

  • Collateral/Debt Insurance

    Personal life insurance can provide better company debt protection than standard creditor insurance from a bank or other lender.

  • Investment Planning

    Find out how investing with your business in mind can potentially prevent creditors from seizing or accessing personal assets in the event of bankruptcy or litigation.

  • Key Person Coverage

    The death or disability of a key person can be disastrous if that person is not properly insured.

  • Disability and Critical Illness

    Disability and critical illness products are designed to help maintain your standard of living in a time of a crisis.

  • Buy-Sell Agreement

    Learn how life insurance can be used to cost-effectively fund buy/sell agreements that have already been (or will be) drawn up.

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