You know you need commercial insurance for your business but what should you really insure, who are the insurable parties, what types of coverage are available and can it all be purchased in one simple, convenient package?

OnePlace For Business takes the guesswork out of choosing the right insurance coverage for your business. Our commercial insurance package delivers essential financial protection specific to your enterprise, along with the flexibility to customize your insurance plan further if required.


Features and Options

When creating an insurance plan to protect your assets and business income, your advisor will review the following coverage types:

  • Property

    Protection for your building, stock, equipment, contents, leased property and other items against loss, damage or theft.

  • Loss of Income and Extra Expenses From Business Interruption

    Compensates you for your lost income and extra expenses while your business is closed or temporarily relocated due to an insured loss.

  • Liability

    Protection in the event your business is found legally responsible for injuries caused to another person, or damage to their property.

  • Crime Loss

    Offers coverage for losses due to criminal occurrences not covered by most property or liability insurance policies.

Find an advisor in your area to help you find the right solution.